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Roast Ahead Vegetable Ideas & Recipes

When you next make a roast meal or are having a BBQ (braai), think ahead and add a few extra vegetables like: aubergine, green pepper, courgettes and onions to the oven or grill. The roasted or BBQ vegetables can be chopped and added to couscous or bulgar wheat, making a midweek dinner quicker and more nutritious. Blended together they make a delicious and easy sandwich filling or dip.

Roasted Aubergine and Pepper Sandwich Filling/Dip

I blended a roasted aubergine and roasted red pepper together and used it as a dip for my multiseeded pita for lunch. I made my husband the above combination and included anchovies and olives for his packed lunch. Being such an easy recipe to make you can customise the dip to your guests or families tastes, adding whatever flavours they enjoy.

If you want a more substantial sandwich filling or dip mix in crumbled feta, cream or cottage cheese to the roasted vegetables of your choosing.

If you do think ahead and add something extra to the oven or BBQ, please do share your photos with me on email or social media.

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