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An Easy Vegetarian Menu

A delicious mushroom pate served with cucumber rounds, bulgar wheat topped with aubergines and courgettes, and a fresh tomato and onion salad. The dessert was a blueberry and lemon cheesecake. This..

Balsamic Blue Cheese Fig Ramekins

Balsamic Blue Cheese Fig Ramekins are so simple to make. The ozzy cheese is topped with a sticky figgy balsamic topping. With each spoonful, you get a little cheese, a..

No Bake Fruit and Nut Salamis

This is a great stovetop recipe for a quick and easy make-ahead holiday treat that doesn’t need to be baked.The recipe is versatile; you can add whatever nuts and leftover..

Burger Relish Recipe

I love making different sauces for meals that we have on repeat and a burger can be transformed with a simple dollop of something tasty. This burger recipe was described..